Text Marketing for Real Estate



In the real estate business, communication is critical. As many agents are aware, texting is already widely used to reach their existing clients when information needs to be communicated quickly.

Ask yourself: how many ways can house-hunting prospects contact you if they’re looking at your listing? If you’re like most realtors, probably only by a phone call or email currently.


Text message marketing gives you an invaluable channel, allowing more prospective buyers to contact you, and allowing you to make more sales. The more contacts, the more sales, the more profit you take home.

What is Text Message Marketing?

Did you know that 1 in 3 Americans prefer to be contacted by text, rather than a phone call? By limiting yourself to calls and emails only, you may be losing one third of your potential market.

How Can It Help Me Make Sales?

Picture this: a house-hunter drives by your property and spots your lawn sign. They text your custom keyword (HOME44) to 555888 and immediately receive the following text message:

44 Main St

3 BR – 2 BA



(555) 328-8121

Pics+Info: http://ShortURLhere


At the same time, you receive an email or text message with their phone number. That means you get a hot lead, already interested in the property. A simple follow up and soon you’ve closed the deal.

Simple enough?

How It Works

Each property gets a unique keyword. A keyword is a phrase or alphanumeric combination that is texted to a shortcode (a 5- or 6-digit phone number) to initiate a text campaign.

Let’s say you’ve got a house for sale at 1265 Topaz Ave, so you choose “Topaz1265” as the keyword.

This keyword is advertised on the property’s lawn sign and on any print or online listings.

“Text Topaz1265 to 95577 for property info”

You can choose any keyword for your property, but it should be related to the property if possible. You can easily use the address, the name of your realty company, your name, etc.

When you sign up for a paid Gravity Text account, you get many other features to help develop your campaign as well.

Why Text Marketing?

That’s how it works. But why does it work? Here’s 3 reasons.

  1. It’s easy.

It only takes a few seconds to send a text, many people will do it on an impulse. What they get in response is a wealth of information on the property, easily accessible at any moment on their phone.

  1. It’s mobile.

There’s a mountain of evidence that mobile is the next big thing. Mobile-friendly websites are great, but can be complicated to configure and will only reach the 60% of Americans who own smartphones. Texts are accessible on nearly everycell phone and are simple to set up.

  1. It delivers excellent leads.

You’ll receive the contact information of individuals extremely interested in buying or renting your property. Even if they don’t close on that property, there’s ample opportunity to to direct them to your other listings.

What to Text?

What should you include in the body of your text message? You customize the message to include any info you want, but we recommend treating it as a bite-sized listing.

Here are just a few items you can include:

  • Address

  • Profile

  • Size

  • Price

  • Your contact info

  • Shortened link to Google Maps

  • Even a shortened link to your existing website.

You can also follow up via text to continue the conversation, or call their cell phone directly.

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