Text Marketing for Auto Dealerships



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Auto Dealerships are experiencing a tremendous amount of success with Gravity Text. The benefits of text marketing are limitless because of its immediate delivery, open and read rates. Over 90% of all text messages are read in the first three minutes of receipt and it’s the number one form of communication over email and phone calls. Below are a few ideas on how to begin a successful text marketing campaign.




Once a prospect has committed to buying a car, there is no stopping them! Text them the incentive they need to get them on your lot. There are many ways to grow your subscriber list through cross channel marketing and or simply hanging a large banner that reads something like, text the word (Sample Keyword) NISSAN to 95577 to receive $500 off the sticker price. Our New York based Nissan dealership is experiencing tremendous success with a campaign just like this one! Drive inbound traffic with incentives for those who are already interested in your vehicle selection. Considering 99% of text messages are opened and read, you can rest assured that your prospects will drive off the lot in no time with a shiny new whip.

Service Department

The benefits of text marketing in the service department are vast… Text the word (Sample Keyword) HYUNDAI to 95577 and receive $25 off your next System Flush is a great example of another highly successful service department campaign currently running at one of our New York based Hyundai dealerships. Offering a free vehicle inspection is a strong call to action with a great up sell opportunity being utilized in other active service department campaigns.

In the last few years mobile engagement has grown considerably, and is one of the most effective and easiest ways for an auto dealership to communicate what they have to offer. Text marketing is personable, customizable and beneficial for everyone that is involved. There are many ways that text marketing can be used to help your dealership, including the examples listed above.

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