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Drive more traffic with Text Message Marketing

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Drive more traffic with Text Message Marketing

Mass Text Messaging

SMS Messaging is a feature for broadcasting SMS messages to your subscriber list.

Mobile Keywords

A Mobile Keyword is a unique word your customers will text to a short code, allowing them to join your subscriber list.

Text Appointment Reminders

The Appointment Reminder feature allows you to send a one-time reminder or a reoccurring reminder minutes, hours or days in advance.

Auto Responder

Auto Responder allows you to create messages that can be delivered to a customer that opts in automatically. Send a link to your website, fan page or deliver relevant content.

Text-to-Vote/SMS Polls

The Text-to-Vote option allows you to create up to 10 different voting options for each question. Results are real time and we ensure only one vote per phone.

Two-Way Text Messaging

This feature really opens up the line of communication between your business and its customers. You have the ability to quickly and effectively answer questions about products and services!

MMS Picture & Video Messaging

The MMS and Video Messaging tools allow you to send beautiful photos or videos about a product or upcoming special you’d like to share.

Keyword Data Capture

This feature allows you to collect information from your customer when they “opt-in” to receive messages. For example; their name, email address and any other information you feel is relevant such as a zip code, M or F etc…

Mobile Text Coupons

The Mobile Text Coupons feature allows you to create a paperless coupon. Monitor coupon redemption and see the progress of your campaign without the worries of printing paper. GO GREEN!

Yes/No Response

The Yes/No Response feature allows you to solicit a yes or no to a specific question you’d like to ask your consumers or clients.

SMS from Phone

SMS From Phone allows you to market to your list of subscribers on the go. Don’t have a computer handy, send a message directly from your cell phone!

Online Signup Pages

OSPs give your audience the ability to sign up from a web browser using any device, for example; a cell phone, tablet or computer!

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